Mike Bollea

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself and give you a little background on my disc jockey services. My name is Mike Bollea of Mike's Music Machine, and I have been providing a professional disc jockey entertainment services since the late 1970s.


I started in this business at the age of 12, working my first gig on New Year's Eve for friends of my parents. I made the princely sum of $20, plus an additional $6 in tips. In fact, I still have that original $26 payout to remind me of when I started. By age 15, I had my own oldies show on a local South Coast radio station. Before I was old enough to drive, I found myself working as a deejay at a restaurant, a roller skating rink, and various private functions. I remember often reflecting on how truly lucky I was to be able to have a career doing something I loved - playing music and entertaining. I found it such a thrill to be a part of people laughing, smiling, dancing, and having a good time. Thirty years later, I still have the same respect, passion, and love for this wonderful business.


My music library continues to grow, with over 40,000 songs now available. I am able to provide music from a wide variety of genres, including light dinner/background music (classical, piano, easy listening, soft rock, and smooth jazz), tastefully chosen and played at an appropriate volume so that guests may engage in conversation. We can also accommodate other tastes including music from the big band era, country and western music - both traditional and modern - oldies but goodies (featuring one of the largest collections in New England), all-time dance classics of the 70s, 80s, and 90s, current Top 40 hits, and much more.


I do not "farm" out my work or hire other disc jockeys to work for me. When you hire Mike's Music Machine, you get Mike Bollea. For me, it's a quality control issue. I strongly believe that this is the best way I can guarantee the results a client requests and deserves. Mike's Music Machine is unique. With our focus set squarely on professionalism, personality, and that personal touch that dresses up every occasion, we draw on four decades of experience to create a comfortable, pleasant, and fun atmosphere.


Through the years, I have been honored to provide musical entertainment for thousands of shows and clients and have had the good fortune to work with a variety of artists including Tony Orlando, Herb Reed and the Platters, Joey Dee and The Starliters among others. For the past eight years, I've had the opportunity to perform at various public and private functions for one of New England's largest casino properties. Make no mistake about it, though, Mike's Music Machine can tailor the program to your event regardless of venue or crowd size. I have provided music for over 1,500 weddings, and countless anniversary celebrations, class reunions, birthday parties, car hops, and other events at hundreds of function halls and night clubs throughout New England. It never gets old, and I'm always looking forward to the next engagement!


What to look for in a DJ: My Goals


Much of our clientele at Mike's Music Machine consists of repeat customers and referrals from clients or guests at a previous event. The key to success as a disc jockey rests in presentation and the ability to maintain a successful business. We're more than willing and, in fact, encourage a pre-event meeting with potential clients. Let us demonstrate our willingness and ability to provide the right type of entertainment and make your function a successful and memorable one.


At Mike's Music Machine, the latest we ever are is on time.


Through years of experience, I've learned how to "read" my audience, and believe I have developed the skills to play music which can be appreciated by all those in attendance. I encourage requests, unless it has been prohibited by the hiring party. When I do, I am sure to analyze the appropriateness of each request based on the type of function or setting, as well as those listening to the music. Nothing can dim a good time quicker than playing music which is inappropriate for the given setting. I try to play something for everyone. It certainly makes for a very long, boring evening when only one type of music is played throughout. It is not uncommon to hear a mixture of genres when I play --- from the 1940s, to oldies but goodies, and top 40, with everything in between. Based on customer requests and experience, I admit that we limit heavy metal and rap music, as this is not typically expected by those for whom I work.